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Heart & Cholesterol


Cholesterol is a substance similar to fat. The human organism needs it for the normal functioning of the body: it is contained on the surface of all cells of the body, and also it helps to produce vitamin D and some vital hormones. However, two types of cholesterol may be distinguished. The outlined type is definitely good, but the "bad" cholesterol may lead to different types of heart disease.
The main causes of an excess of "bad" cholesterol are genetics and an unhealthy way of living like a diet high in saturated fat, smoking, overweight, and lack of enough physical activity. Nowadays, a diagnosis of chronic heart failure is quite common, as well as the stress for our body in the form of an unhealthy lifestyle.
Heart attack prevention and a healthy lifestyle are very important in everyday life and at early signs of heart disease. Doctors typically emphasise on it but considering that the result of such changes usually manifests itself in 6-12 months, sometimes heart failure medications and other relevant medicines may be prescribed.