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Hepatitis C


Hepatitis C is a disease caused by the eponymous virus which affects the liver. This disease can occur in different forms - to be chronic or, vice versa, acute, to be rather short or to last a lifetime.
The hepatitis C virus may be transmitted through the infected blood or blood components, namely, through the bloodstream. Injecting drugs, unsafe medical treatment, untested blood for a blood transfusion - are typically the major reasons why this disease still kills about 400 000  of people a year.
But what is the solution, is Hepatitis C curable? Actually, about 95% of infected people can be cured, the medicine allows to reduce the risk of death significantly and the main problem is low access to treatment within the world. That's why those people who live in countries where the access to diagnostic and Hepatitis C treatment is easy, should use this opportunity and control their health condition.